Point 123. A catholic revolution

1. There is no social revolution that is not national. There is no national revolution without the radical destruction of the atheist, materialist and decadent philosophies of capitalist liberalism and of democratic socialism. They are responsible for the lure of profit, the worship of money, and the frenzy for immediate and self-centred pleasure, resulting in the degenerateness of the race, the scourges of a low birth-rate and of immorality. Thus, no national revolution will take place unless the Church casts aside her Modernism and liberalism. For she alone has the power to denounce the crime of these false philosophies and to oppose them with the true doctrine, while giving the grace that will incline hearts to undertaking the efforts needed for the national recovery.

2. Given that, on the one hand, a national revolution supposes the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and on the other hand, God gives us “ life, movement and being ”, given that His Providence disposes the temporal goods needed for the nation’s prosperity and only gives peace to the human societies that are subjected to His Law, a national revolution will only succeed if it obeys St. Joan of Arc’s maxim: “ God served first ”. It can only be carried out in the name of the lone doctrine of fraternity that was traditional and familiar to us, that of the one true religious faith, proclaimed as the religion of the nation: the Roman Catholic religion.

Nevertheless, unless there is a miracle, which is indeed possible, this return to the Catholic religion will not be carried out by a decree within a few days. It will be a long work, which might last several generations. Thus, a certain tolerance will be necessary towards those who still are rebellious to the Catholic Faith, provided that they do not harm the national recovery. Little by little, as the age-old social fabric reconstitutes itself, far removed from the prestige of Money and the conflicts it provokes, a social climate very favourable to conversions will be created.

3. Since, however, the national restoration can only come about through a miracle even more dazzling than that whereby Saint Joan of Arc delivered Orleans and conducted the king to Rheims for his anointing, acts of thanksgiving will inevitably spring forth from the mouth of all true Frenchmen. It follows that, without awaiting everyone’s conversion, our God and the Immaculate Conception, Mother of us all, will be publicly and legally recognised and honoured by public liturgies on Their feast days, by the observance of divine law and Sunday rest.

4. Faith in divine Providence will impregnate the whole of temporal life. Manifested by prayer, it will give to the new ecology its surest law, and to its natural prudence a superior guarantee. Thus our people will recover the sense of reality, of the possible and of the desirable, as opposed to the illusory utopia, the subversive criticism, the belief in an all-providing welfare state and its demagogy, abusive claims and social parasitism. The “ return to reality ” marks the exact measure of fundamental human virtue, which is humility, but it is only our trust in God, who is love, that gives it its incontestable nobility.

5. The legitimacy of authorities, the solidity of communities, the honesty and fidelity of contracts, and consequently the whole complex and happy sum of reciprocal rights and duties between persons, will thus find their solid support in the nation’s Catholic faith, the keystone of France’s order, both old and new.