Point 127. While awaiting, the role of the Phalange

For the restoration of Catholic ecology to be done in full, it will therefore be necessary for the Church to cast aside her apostasy by means of a Counter-Reformation and for the State’s sovereign authority to be restored independently of capitalist powers. These two conditions themselves suppose the prior triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We, however, must not wait until these conditions are fulfilled to work towards it, for two reasons:

1. The national revolution will answer the aspiration of the people suffering from the baneful consequences of capitalism. The more “ pockets of Christianity ” that exist, where Catholic ecology is already practised within the limited freedom that is left, the more models people will have before their eyes that will fuel their criticism of the capitalist system and dispose them towards major reforms.

2. The measures to be taken for the national revolution must be prepared. They can only be effected by intellectual groups free of all attachment to these ruling and dominating classes, who have to be unmasked and denounced before they can be overturned. Therefore, it is necessary to denounce them while they still hold in their hands money, political and coercive power, the means of information, party and trade union systems.

For this, a heroic Phalange is needed. Since it is necessary to effect the revolution cleanly – without allowing the liberating movement to deviate towards objectives of no importance or of calculated diversion, such as the progressivist clergy, the conservative bourgeoisie, the immigrants – there will need to be a wise Phalange. The prodigious marvel of a successful liberation, however, merits great effort and the utmost discretion!

3. Even now, a true social, Catholic and national action must therefore be implemented. Its long-term mission will be to “ restore natural harmony among patrons and workers in enterprises and to create systems of agreements that will have immediate results. These peaceful havens will prepare the vast and rich system of national economy, with which a new legitimate State will endow the country. ” (Amicus)