Point 125. For a rigorous society

The national Revolution will have to be strong and rigorous in its censure and repression of subversive intrigues, at the three levels of “ anonymous and vagabond fortune ”, of intelligence and guerrilla warfare. “ No liberty for the enemies of liberty ”, such is the totalitarian axiom that can and must be turned against its inventors. It is the proclamation of democratic freedom that brought about the enslaving of the nation by means of unjust powers. The return of the nation’s freedom involves, therefore, a solid protection established by the legitimate authority and guaranteed by force.

1. Anonymous and vagabond fortune is the main principle of all disorder and of all subversion, because it works for itself, for its perpetual and endless increase. With this aim in mind, its possessors conspire together to form secret societies, economic commissions and seemingly philanthropic groups, by means of which they dominate social life, buy consciences, corrupt thought, guide public opinion, and ultimately procure weapons for the misguided to go and destroy all that is opposed to their domination.

In order to thwart this hidden and corruptive power, it would be quite useless for the democratic State to seize hold of wealth. It would only substitute itself for the financial powers and impose the totalitarianism of the party and of the party men in power.

Thus, it will be necessary to outlaw not fortune but its anonymity and its irresponsible speculation. Likewise, secret societies and their philanthropic or cultural offshoots, as well as political parties and their syndical branches, will have to be outlawed. Foreign gold will have to be the object of particular vigilance, because France is not for sale, its soul even less than its goods.

2. Intelligence has become, in our plutocratic world, a slave to money through thousands of channels: the press, publishing, radio-television and Internet. This is particularly so with the invasion of advertising into every channel of information and into the whole of public life, intellectual and artistic.

It would be useless for the socialist State to take control of publishing, the press and television, because that would only aggravate the slavery of intelligence, which would be recognised and supported only in so far as it serves and flatters the party.

The new order will procure for the intellectual world a security and a corporative manner of prosperity that will free it from plutocratic and socialist slavery. The honesty of information will be particularly guaranteed. Any return of finance and of industry into the world of the press and of information will be closely watched and severely judged, just as all degrading control by ideologies and parties will be brought to an end.

3. Terrorism will be harshly and immediately repressed by courts and a police especially conceived for this form of conflict, according to adapted procedure. It, however, will be the purveyors of money and weapons who will be the principal ones to be tracked down. Once unmasked, there possessions will be confiscated. Their money and property will serve to relieve the nation’s widows and orphans. For the fact is that every guerrilla war is the cruel instrument of powerful financial backers, whose economic and political aims have nothing in common with the people’s freedom and happiness.

The wretched terrorist agents will be sanctioned as is fitting, in the hope of their amendment, but their much higher masters will be ruthlessly punished, so that high financiers, party men and shady agents in foreign pay will relinquish the habit of extending their power over the earth in the blood and tears of innocent victims.