Point 117. Socialism, the accomplice, social-democracy

1. It is not the bourgeoisie as a social class, nor even as a socio-professional group of industrialists and businessmen, who prove to be incapable of political authority and stability. It is the bourgeoisie as revolutionary – as a moral union of assassins of God and the King, of the noble and the artisan, of the knight and the villein – that is incapable. It is capitalism as liberal – that is to say, as principal agent behind the storming of the Bastille, the abolition of privileges, regicide, the civil constitution of the clergy and the Vendéen genocide – that is incapable. For the French Revolution provides a valuable example.

Money, become the religion and the politics of a certain organised social power, wished everywhere to be master and no longer servant. Thereafter, it waged a life and death struggle, a permanent revolution against all natural and all traditional authority, against every sacred custom and order. For that purpose it needs lackeys and torturers; it goes from one to the other, attaching them to itself by ever higher salaries and by exorbitant concessions, before collapsing beneath their blows.

Such is the true history of contemporary France. It is an indefinite manoeuvring of capitalo-industrial power simply to hold on to its financial privileges. France – and the world, for that matter – has been and still is governed by permanent deicides and regicides, who call themselves liberals and who claim to be conservatives, but whose only concern is to carry out business and to prevent the people from rebelling.

2. When the social insurrection is unchained, capitalism allies itself with the socialist party, the role of which was and still is – at the price of financial support and enormous advantages – to channel the popular revolution in such a way that it does not harm the new lords, the financiers and industrialists, and to turn it against the ancient bodies that remain the bête noire of the liberal bourgeoisie. Organised socialism, in the pay of established power, and a hidden branch of bourgeois freemasonry, is first and foremost anticlerical, antimilitarist and republican. That is its threefold function. It regularly diverts the people’s anger and national insurrections away from their true object, the wall of money, the two hundred families, Judaic plutocracy and Masonic democracy, to pitch them into helping the very people who are exploiting them and attacking the social forces that are their natural, legitimate and sacred defenders: the Church, the Army, and the Monarchy.

Such is “ the shady entente ” between the powers who run the world and the ideologues and managers of the socialist parties. The result of which is this chaotic series of oppressions and sterile revolutions, which make for the world’s decadence.