Point 6. The Religion of the Covenant.

Yahweh decided to enter into the world by means of a progressive revelation of Himself, an unveiling of His thought, of His design of mercy for His fallen creature. To that end, He chose a man: Abraham.

1. The revelation of the whole Sacred History of God’s relations with His creatures is related in the Holy Scriptures from the Book of Genesis to the Apocalypse. It is a mysterious unveiling of the meaning of the existence of each and every one of us. That is why the Bible is the only sacred Book of the Phalangist. He accepts it as he has received it from Holy Mother Church, in its two indissociable Testaments, the Old and the New, the obsolete and the definitive, the former prefiguring and preparing the latter, which is its unwaning fulfilment.

2. There is a divine force here. Abraham first, then Isaac and Jacob, then the twelve tribes born of them, were nothing compared to the immense Egyptian and Babylonian empires and civilisations. God, however, made a Covenant with them. The orthodromic line of universal history passes through the religion of this people beloved by God, to the exclusion of the other pagan religions and wisdoms.

3. Salvation was already promised to Adam and Eve and to their descendants. God made a Covenant with Noah and his descendants for ever. In Abraham all the peoples of the earth would be blessed. Before long the Mosaic Covenant consecrated Israel’s election and “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm” Yahweh established it in the Promised Land, in order for it to receive there the divine gifts of a faith, a law, a king, a holy City, a Temple, where the worship that God wanted, and which was the fruit of an inspired wisdom, prepared the concluding of a New and Eternal Covenant between God and His people.

4. Israel, however, was a “stiff-necked people” unfaithful to its God. God’s wrath fell upon it and subjected it to a foreign power while the “poor of Yahweh,” a small faithful “remnant,” taught by the prophets from generation to generation, awaited its Liberator, its Messiah, and sang in advance His universal Reign in the Psalms.

5. Since rabbinic Judaism has refused to recognise the fulfilment of the Covenant in Christ Jesus, Our Lord, it cannot be considered as a true religion of salvation. If the Phalangist denounces the religious and sometimes even atheist racism of Judaism and its carnal ambition as the most formidable inversion of the ancient prophetic spirit, this does not mean that he is anti-Semitic: the Jewish people is not excluded from salvation, for all men are called to one and the same brotherhood, but in Christ.

6. The same applies to Islam. The author of the Qurʾān diverted to the benefit of Ishmael the Covenant made with Abraham in favour of Isaac, and thereby emptied it of its Davidic Messianism. His fundamentally anti-Trinitarian “monotheism,” ignores the Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ. The Phalangist considers that this false religion has no rights. He will advocate no understanding or collaboration with it, but merely a circumstantial toleration for the sake of peace.