Point 14. Religious Liberty, 

a Subversion of the Faith.

1. The liberals, wearied or sick of struggling against a hostile world and against the secret societies which hold the keys to power, honours and money, have decided to reconcile the Church to the world through a brave attempt at understanding the opinions of all men, including those most inimical to our Faith. As though there were a common measure between yes and no or any possible understanding between the worshippers of God, Christ’s disciples, and the atheists and antichrists, between those who work for the extension of Christ’s reign and those who are bent on destroying it. (2 Cor 6:16)!

2. The only way to begin such a rapprochement is by recognising and proclaiming a sincere and entire religious liberty, that is to say, an equal right for all beliefs and opinions, henceforth to be held as true and therefore to be professed and manifested by each person according to his personal convictions. It is a Copernican revolution. In former times, the revealed religion, its divine truth, laws and sacraments, come down from Heaven to earth through Jesus Christ, were fundamentally opposed to the darkness of error and impiety springing from Hell. Now, however, every religious or philosophical representation and conviction is said to spring equally and uniformly from the human conscience. Between all these representations and convictions the liberal sees no fundamental difference. What each esteems to be good and true has the same rights, the same value and authenticity as that which he considers to be error or impiety in others.

3. Such is the religious liberty of liberals, which today has become one of mankind’s major convictions, even adopted by the postconciliar Church. The result is that truth is no longer objectively distinguished from error, that no one can claim the privilege of being in the right, and that no social authority has the power to impose respect for what is true and good nor to prevent what is wrong and bad. Everything is free human opinion, everything is permitted, and nothing which springs from a sincere conscience is forbidden
Thus the source of religion is no longer God, but the human conscience, and the authority that supports it is man itself. The only difference – an imperceptible one – between the liberal and the Freemason is that whereas the latter believes that truth does not exist, the liberal still believes in the truth, but his truth, which he neither wishes nor is able to impose on others.