Point 17. Jesus Christ is King of the World.

Jesus Christ is true God and true man. He is the Lord, our Master and our Saviour. Such is the sacred, absolute, objective, universal and definitive truth, which reduces all contrary theories and sentiments to nothingness. Whoever believes this, is in the truth, the way, and already the life eternal. Whoever disbelieves this is in error, injustice, and on the road to perdition. Whatever tolerance may be conceded to the disbeliever for reasons of prudence or the desire to be charitable, the fact is that he is failing God, failing the fraternal community and jeopardising his own good; he has no right to remain in that state, nor can Christians be resigned to leaving him there.

1. Jesus therefore is King. The truth of this has been proven and made manifest, or else God can only have been unable to make it so! He is the Unum Necessarium, the One Thing Necessary. All the beauty of the new creation is made visible in Him through the example of His life. Divine goodness pervades the world through the sublime work of His Cross. His reign is the temporal and eternal salvation of humanity as well as of each man in particular. Through His infinite perfections, His works of wisdom and the merits of His passion and death, Jesus Christ is truly King of the World and the only hope of the human family.

2. Fashioned by the lessons of the Gospel, fortified by the grace of the Cross, and gladdened by the glory of the Risen Lord, the Phalangist wishes to be subject to this King of Glory. His thoughts, affections, commitments, and all his actions are ruled by Christ. Therefore, he can only live by Him, with Him, like Him, in Him, and for Him. And that not by an individual, arbitrary, and reversible choice, but by a free and definitive personal recognition of Jesus Christ’s sovereign authority and therefore of His absolute and universal right over every creature redeemed by His Blood.

Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords, with His triple crown of power, wisdom and love by virtue of His creation, redemption and sanctification of mankind. The Phalangist enthusiastically engages himself in the service of Jesus Christ, that He may reign in an absolute way over every creature in the world in every age, and that every knee should bow before Him in Heaven, on earth, and in Hell.