Point 7. Concerning Islam.

The application of critical methods to the “ Sira”, or traditional biography of Mohammed, has revealed its legendary character to the point where the very historical existence of the person is more than problematic. As to scientific exegesis of the Qur'an, it provides no positive support for his existence. On the contrary, it reveals the Jewish inspiration of what was doubtless, in its origins, a proselytising attempt on the part of the Synagogue in Arabia during the 17th century. The Phalangist, therefore, does not have much esteem for the Muslim religion.

1. By means of a crude literary device, the essentials of the Jewish Bible, the Covenant and the promises made to Abraham, are diverted from their historical beneficiary, Isaac, the son of the Promise, in favour of Ishmael, and thereby emptied of their Davidic messianism. For this reason, the racism of Islam, although less ambitious, is even more carnal than that of the religion from which it sprang, retaining only the latter's fanaticism and materialism. It too constitutes a formidable obstacle to the divine religion, to Christian morality, and to civilisation. Its monotheism is no less radically opposed to the Trinitarian Faith than is that of synagogal Judaism. Its morality is as legalistic as was that of the ancient Pharisees. Its hope, void of all messianism and entirely ignorant of the redemption wrought by Jesus Christ, is as carnal as that of the Sadducees. It cannot be a religion of salvation, a true covenant of God with men, a holy theocracy.

2. Today, as the enemy brother of Judaism, of which it was originally a “ prophetic” and “ sapiential” attempt at reform, Islam has now come to exert unjustifiable violence against it. Nevertheless, it shares with Judaism the desire to exterminate the Christian peoples by means of a holy war or to dominate them by force and cunning. Thus it is that Islam is found to be in constant agreement with every revolutionary current hostile to our civilisation – currently with Communism.

3. The Phalangist recognises no significance, value or rights in this false religion; he will advocate no understanding or collaboration with it, but merely a circumstantial toleration for it within the limits of its strict subjection.

It is necessary, therefore, to denounce the error and the crime of those Western colonisers who recognised, supported and strengthened Islam with the weight of their authority, thereby making heavier the yoke of Muslim superstition and fanaticism over peoples whom they doomed to misery, thus causing the greatest harm to human civilisation and true religion. A silent tolerance, on the other hand, is the best way to manifest the superiority of the true, the beautiful and the good over these barbarous beliefs and customs, which are on the road to extinction – a tolerance that shows a certain esteem for the religious faith, the prayer and the submission of Muslims to a law and a social discipline, which maintains them in a mediocre state of civilisation, while we await their conversion to Our Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God.