Point 150. The Phalange... catholic!

1. Finally, the Phalangist knows that “ the Kingdom of God is in Heaven ”. The fleeting life of this world is but a preparation for and a figure of this new world to come, for which everything has been made and which in the end is all that matters. The spirit of our Phalange is not humanist, nor is it unduly passionate about ecology, corporatism, monarchy and nationalism. Its inspiration is mystical. Every Phalangist is firstly, and far above everything else, intensely Catholic, obedient to God, concerned with the worship of God and desirous of total union with Him, a union of wills here below, and of vision, love and blessedness in the life eternal.

2. As disciples of Brother Charles of Jesus, Charles de Foucauld, Phalangists are obsessed with an evangelical love of Jesus. This overflows into their whole life in a desire for the boundless glory and fruitfulness of the Church, their Mother; in a desire for the restoration of Christian France – so beautiful! – and of all her traditions; and in a desire for missions and colonisation, which will open the whole world to the reign of Christ the King and will save, if it were possible, every human being! This consuming love allows them to overcome all the sorrows of a Church apparently abandoning herself to the flesh, to the world and to Antichrist.

3. That is why, having evaluated, without weakness, without undue pity or false respect, the disorders of the alleged reformed Church, sick from Vatican II and Paul VI, and the disorders of all the religions and irreligions, termed Christian or non-Christian, the Phalangist attaches himself only to that which is true and good, that which is of divine origin throughout the centuries: “ Quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus creditum est ” (Saint Vincent of Lérins) – what has been believed by all, at all times and in all places.

He is therefore won over to the Catholic Counter-Reformation of the 21th century as well as to that of the 16th century, both of which are true and authentic Catholic Renaissances.

This struggle in the Church and for the Church, against the cancer that is devouring her, is the warmest, the most pious and the most loving, but also the most testing, service that the Phalangist wants to render to God and to his brethren, the deepest testimony of his faith, his hope and his love.

4. Following the example and words of Christ, and with His grace, the Phalangist knows that nothing here below is permanent or perfect, save things divine. He therefore regards death, the death of his mother and father, of his masters, of his brothers and sons, and his own, with serenity, and is ready to live for God in martyrdom or in combat or in the obscure and ultimate sacrifice of expiation, immolation, praise and love for the Most Holy Trinity as an “ unprofitable servant ”. Consequently he will ask his brethren, as he himself will do for his own, to be forewarned of the imminence of death, should they know this, so that this final act of his life as a Catholic, royalist and communitarian Phalangist, may be his finest.

Deus noster, Pater in Filio Jesu per Spiritum et Mariam,
ad laudem gloriae suae, misericordia nostra.