Point 149. The Phalange... royalist!

1. The Phalangist knows that “ the Kingdom of God suffers violence ” and he recognises in the political conflict of this 20th century the clash of two cities, the city of God and the city of Satan. He knows that in the end all things must be “ restored in Christ ”, beginning particularly with human institutions and political regimes.

Fleeing from democratic impiety, or abjuring it if he has yielded to it, the Phalangist gains through virtue the soul of a political militant, of a soldier of the people fighting against the oligarchies of finance and power. This commitment will demand of him and of those nearest to him great abnegation, the effective renunciation of wealth, of a brilliant career and of worldly honours, the keys to which are in the hands of his enemies. His hatred of democratic vice, his contempt for the absurd republican regime, its shame and its crimes, as well as his admiration for the most Christian monarchy, his love of the “ forty kings who in a thousand years made France ”, sustain his resolution, his enthusiasm and his bravery.

2. Weighing the mortal dangers that hang over the future of France, of Christianity and of the entire human world, he is also able to see the vital forces that remain – more numerous, better formed and more ardent no doubt in France, “ eldest daughter of the Church ”, than anywhere else – forces that make the monarchical restoration possible first here, then elsewhere, and thereafter a renaissance of Christendom and peace.

Before or after the catastrophes, everything will soon be possible to him who wills and who prays.

3. But in order to believe in and fight for this, the Phalangist must have a mystical faith in the divine promises of the New Covenant, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus announcing His imminent reign over all His enemies, and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary auguring through Her terrible Secrets the peace of the world in the joint Reign of Their most Sacred Hearts.

It is the Catholic faith alone that inspires the Phalangist’s hope and his unshakeable confidence. “ All despair in politics is absolute stupidity ” (Charles Maurras). Indeed, but the Phalangist’s hope is of another order, because with us politics goes infinitely beyond man and touches the mystery of predestination and of the blessed predilection of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Political combat is the rule with the Phalange, not the combat of the behind-the-scenes activist or militant, but the struggle, “ the plot open to broad daylight ” against the treason of a regime of death and against all its external allies. In this he will act under the orders of his leaders. Every Phalangist is ready at all times to enlist as a good French soldier and as a good servant of the Prince whom God will give us.