Point 141. The national community

Knowing that the struggle for life is the natural condition of men on earth, the safeguarding of the prosperity of families is by degrees relegated to the nation an essential function of which is peace, the maintenance of peace, the eminent form of economic war brought under control by the prudence of sovereign authority which, in conjunction with its force, ensures the temperance of the national community, the mother of all justice.

1. Since the Revolution, but in an even more accelerated manner since the end of the 1980s, with the formation of professional coalitions of commerce, of finance and finally of industry, all the natural cadres have broken up. Where the national community still exists, it is the ultimate ecological force, today at least, capable of mastering this wild phenomenon and of recalling the unchained economic forces to prudence.

2. The nation is the vastest of communitarian cadres still to have the “ family ” spirit, where it is possible to recover and impose, by way of paternal authority, this more ample “ prudence ”, which will be our fourth “ utopia ”. In this unity of superior, political essence, the necessary balances can be safeguarded or restored – such as those of agriculture and industry, of town and country, of expenditure and investment, of production and consumption, of capital and labour, of export and import – as well as the indispensable social harmonies among classes, regions and peoples.

3. Beyond that, at the present time, there exists no international ecological community that is not illusory, and there is no effective sovereign authority that defends the common good of families. Each nation, therefore, is forced to try to extend its organising power beyond its own frontiers in order to control its supplies of raw materials, the balance of its exchanges, the maintenance of its currency in the international market, etc. As among families, the virtue of prudence among nations is still the best guarantee of ecological equilibrium!