Point 50. May the will of the Holy Spirit be done on earth as it is in Heaven

The Phalangist finds in his keen faith and hope the light and the strength of his fraternal charity, the resources to cope with his harsh temporal existence, and the first fruits of his eternal happiness. For love alone remains.

1. And so the goal of his daily life is the perfection of the Christian virtues, the effect of divine grace ceaselessly renewed, given and increased through the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist, through the sacramentals, through prayer and the works of mercy. His constant ideal is to progress in the love of God, faithful to the Church, dedicated to his brothers, in peace with all, whether he himself be rich or poor, in sickness or in health, surrounded by friends or cruelly isolated, in tranquillity or trials, honoured or outlawed, all according to the will of God. At the hour willed by God, he will finally die in Christ, as a son of the Church, fortified by the sacrament of extreme unction for eternal life.

Philosophy and the sciences, politics and economics, technology, culture, the arts and leisure are all ordained to this charity. It alone suffices.

2. Mysteriously, his abandonment to the will of God takes him even further. It pushes him to go out and meet what is most contrary to his immediate and apparent good – what is most against his earthly joy – and to have a greater desire for poverty, sickness, failures, tribulations, separations, persecutions for the sake of justice, and martyrdom for Christ!

The glory of God and the victory of the Lord Jesus, far from suffering by such reverses, appear on the contrary to invite them. “ Was it not necessary that Christ should suffer these things and so to enter into His Glory? ” The Phalangist attains the supreme wisdom of Love by accepting the kind of future and death that God wills for him and even now to die each day, so that it is no longer he who lives, but Christ who lives in him. From his youth, the Phalangist will accept the sacrifice of his life, if God so wills, for Christ, the Church, and Christendom, and for his country, his king, and indeed the least of his human brethren.

3. The Queen of the Phalange, for this reason, is the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, who in Her life wonderfully joined the humility of a perfect virginity to the glory of the most eminent maternity, and who kept in Her heart all the joys of the love of God, Her Spouse and her Son, unto the apex of grief, the summit of Calvary. Having become the co-redemptrix of the human race, the universal mediatrix of all graces, She is the mother and model of Christian souls, the Woman of the Apocalypse, who announces Paradise.