Point 47. Catholic ecumenism: II. The jewish world, the anglo-saxon world

1. The conversion of the Germanic and Nordic peoples from their Lutheranism, and of the Anglo-Saxon peoples from their Puritan, Anglican Calvinism etc., will present considerable difficulties to Catholicism. Their original private judgement has given up its place to two intellectual attitudes that are absolutely alien and contrary to the Catholic faith: liberal subjectivism, generally resulting in a pragmatism without dogma or morality, andtotalitarian idealism, which invents a series of fanatical ideologies and inhuman collectivisms.

The conversion of the Protestant nations to the Catholic Creed and to Roman order, and their re-integration in Christendom, will therefore be very difficult. On the other hand the effect of their conversion will be decisive if one thinks of the unparalleled earthly power of these Western nations. “ Churches of Paul ”, as they have been called, lands of the Gentiles to be more exact, their renunciation of the various errors of Protestantism and their reunion with the Churches of Peter and of John will bring about a sudden explosion of life and missionary activity, heralding the expansion of Christendom to the entire world.

However, the place occupied in the Anglo-Saxon world by Judaism and its governmental instrument, freemasonry, means that the conversion of these countries will be subordinate to the conversion of the Jewish people to Christ, their Messiah and eternal King – a much more mysterious conversion.

2. For the principal and most profound drama, running through our whole history, remains that of Jewish unbelief. This unbelief is an effect of hatred and of blindness, which has given birth to all the heretical and schismatic Counter-Churches, but it is also a mystery of election awaiting its final fulfilment (Rom 11.15).

It is doubly certain that the conversion of the Jewish people to Christ will herald the worldwide triumph of the Cross, and doubtless this will be at the time of the general apostasy of the nations – but we are in that time now –, because the most resistant and best organised nation will have ceased its opposition and because the Jewish people will necessarily give Christ the strongest testimony, coming as it does from the most authoritative adversary, the only one to have been the depositary of the true word of God which, in their perfidy, they claim as their glory, whilst refusing to listen to it.

3. The Phalangist will therefore wisely and uncompromisingly fight talmudic Judaism, a religion that is antichrist in its essence, and the Jewish racial power, the sworn enemy of Christendom. He will do this without thereby denying biblical Judaism, the original source and indisputable guarantee of our religion. Nor will he reject the Jewish people, the bearers of an immense hope for our own salvation and for that of the entire world, when they are finally converted, as the Scriptures have foretold.

They are a people not to be annihilated but converted, not to be hated or despised but loved and untiringly called to Christ’s Church, the mother of all men for their salvation.