Point 34. The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the XXth Century

1. This diabolical plan, whereby all religions, beginning with the Catholic Church, are united in the Movement for the Spiritual Animation of Universal Democracy, is the coming together of three perfidies, too long endured by the Church: Latin Progressivism, Anglo-Saxon Liberalism, and Germanic Modernism. In the modernist climate God and Christ lose Their objective reality and Their sovereign majesty. Under the influence of liberalism, the Church is opened to every religious conception, and the Holy Spirit, losing all personality, becomes a universal and multiform principle of illumination. Finally, under the impulse of reformist and revolutionary progressivism, the destiny of mankind passes from kings and princes, popes and bishops, to the people, the insurgents and the militants, and the joys and hopes of mankind fall away from the divine mysteries and turn to the coming of a new humanity on earth.

2. The reform of the Church in support of the world revolution is the prostitution of the Bride of Christ to the world of Satan. Such is the utopia at work beneath our eyes, like a cancer in the womb of the Church, a fatal bullet in the heart of Christendom, which must be extracted in order that life may return and that there may be a future.

3. The Phalangist opposes this infernal MASDU with a twofold profession of faith, that of the Catholic Counter-Reformation and that of the French Counter-Revolution. He studies the currents of ideas which have led to this apostasy. He unmasks and denounces those responsible for this madness: philosophers and visionaries, politicians and demagogues, princes and pastors of the Church. He reveals their collusion with antichrist and anticlerical factions and with all the forces that hate Christendom. He notes the fruits of death brought about by this great mutation of the Church, the general retreat of Christendom betrayed under the blows of barbarians, the decadence of civilisation, the auto-destruction of the Church, the falling birth-rate, the death of the spirit, and the “ white plague ” of the West. He demands that justice and the full truth be brought to bear on this drama.

4. Hastening to rebuild and repopulate the City of God, he closes the parenthesis on this sinister epoch and consigns the MASDU to hell. He preserves his Christian faith, hope and charity, and he remains a devoted child of the Church, dedicated to maintaining her traditions. He fights on behalf of the Christendom which alone has made this world habitable, which has succeeded in making life happy and procures men’s eternal salvation throughout the vicissitudes of this temporal existence.

In the words of Our Lord, “ Seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and the rest will be added unto you. ” The rest, namely, civilisation, order and peace, justice and prosperity.