Point 33. The Integral Perversion: The M.A.S.D.U.

From the beginning Satan has roused the pride of depraved men against God, against Christ and against His Church. Under his influence these rebels form “ counter churches ”, which have the same structure, insofar as this is possible, but a contrary spirit. In our day these “ counter churches ” comprise plutocratic freemasonry, totalitarian racism, and atheistic communism. “ Two loves have built two cities: love of God, to the contempt of self, and love of self to the contempt of God. ” (Saint Augustine)

1. In our apocalyptic times, truly perverse minds have claimed to consider as identical these two contradictions and have made the cult of Jesus Christ the basis for the cult of Man and the rights of God the justification for the rights of Man who makes himself God! That is the logical conclusion of the dreams of Lamennais, Sangnier and Maritain.

A prodigious reform of the Church is to lead her to enter the service of world revolution, whose goal is the advent of a universal democracy of justice and peace, founded on liberty, equality and fraternity.

2. The ideal pursued by the new Church is universal democracy and the liberation of peoples from all alienationfor the reign of man. The means thereto is the spiritual animation of the masses through religions and cultural societies, which will inculcate this integral humanism into them. Each clerical body, each party according to its own cultural trappings and particular religious symbols, will join forces to form in everyone the same faith in man and so aid the coming of universal democracy.

3. The Christian Church, “ the churches ”, will continue to exist – they have been promised a place of honour – thanks to their discreet but efficacious service in the cause of man and the conquest of the earth.

Accepting this new mission and filled with this new spirit for the building of this new kingdom of man, our misguided pastors wish to make of the Roman Catholic Church the most important and most powerful MOVEMENT FOR THE SPIRITUAL ANIMATION – by the transposition of Christian religious preaching into profane humanist terms – OF UNIVERSAL DEMOCRACY, where peace, justice and progress will guarantee the material and cultural well-being of each and every man. Pure religion, moreover, will still keep its sublime place – including even Eucharistic devotion, devotion to Our Lady, and Christic (or Buddhist) contemplation – but as an individual and cultural value!

This MASDU is the object of the accusation of heresy, schism, and scandal brought by us against Paul VI. It was the constant thought and essential work of that Pope and his Second Vatican Council.