A Heartfelt Cry

THE imploring entreaty that Archbishop Viganò addressed to Archbishop McCarrick on January 13, 2019 is a purely supernatural act of theological faith, hope and charity inspired by a “prophetical” spirit in the style of Ezekiel calling on Jerusalem to repent of her “prostitutions” (Ez 16).

Dear Archbishop McCarrick,

As the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has announced, an administrative procedure will be initiated very soon to examine and judge the accusations against you for crimes against minors and abuses against seminarians.

Whatever decision the supreme authority of the Church takes in your case, what really matters and what has saddened those who love you and pray for you is the fact that throughout these months you have not given any sign of repentance. I am among those who are praying for your conversion, that you may repent and ask pardon of your victims and the Church.

Time is running out, but you can confess and repent of your sins, crimes and sacrileges, and do so publicly, since they have themselves become public. Your eternal salvation is at stake. Something else of great importance, however, is also at stake. You, paradoxically, have at your disposal an immense offer of great hope for you from the Lord Jesus; you are in a position to do great good for the Church. In fact, you are now in a position to do something that has become more important for the Church than all of the good things you did for her throughout your entire life. A public repentance on your part would bring a significant measure of healing to a gravely wounded and suffering Church. Are you willing to offer her that gift? Christ died for us all when we were still sinners (Rm 5:8.) He only asks that we respond by repenting and doing the good that we are given to do. The good that you are in a position to do now is to offer the Church your sincere and public repentance. Will you give the Church that gift?

I implore you, repent publicly of your sins, so as to make the Church rejoice and present yourself before the tribunal of Our Lord cleansed by His blood. Please, do not make His Sacrifice on the Cross void for you. Christ, Our Good Lord, continues to love you. Put your entire trust in His Sacred Heart. Pray to Mary, as I and many others are doing, asking Her to intercede for the salvation of your soul.

“ Maria Mater Gratiae, Mater Misericordiae, Tu nos ab hoste protege et mortis hora suscipe.” Mary Mother of the Grace, Mother of Mercy, protect us from the enemy and welcome us in the hour of death.

Your brother in Christ, + Carlo Maria Viganò Sunday, January 13, 2019
The Baptism of the Lord
Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Better than a “synodal” debate, Archbishop Viganò’s plea, which he makes in the name of the Sacred Heart and Mary, in a spirit of priestly fraternity, is a heartfelt cry that bears a grace for Pope Francis and Archbishop McCarrick, capable of opening their hearts to the will of Our Lady of Fatima, for the salvation of the Church. Let us pray for the Holy Father!

Brother Bruno of Jesus-Mary.
He is risen !
n° 195, February 2019