Point 52. The Universal Kingdom of Christ the Son of God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

IN the society of his Christian brethren, the Phalangist finds the most vast and most perfect human community there is – that to which he owes everything and to which he is primarily devoted. All these men redeemed in Christ’s Blood who have become members of one body, the Church, and therefore members of one another, find the principle and rule of their mutual esteem, love and service in their worship, love and service of God, whence results an intense and perpetual communication of temporal and spiritual benefits. This fraternal charity has formed in the world throughout the centuries a supernatural community based on the true religion, the fruits of which are the same thoughts, the same social habits and the same customs. Such is Christendom, where not only divine benefits but also human benefits are communicable and offered to all.

1. Christian thought, now two thousand years old and inherited from biblical wisdom and Greek philosophy, is and will remain the necessary intellectual preparation for all fraternal, human communication, allowing us to proceed beyond the walls and iron curtains erected by barbarian ideologies, ancient as well as modern, and despite the anarchy and the ruins, which are the consequences of the present-day apostasy.

2. Christian politics, inherited from biblical theocracy and from Roman order, is also a human and divine wisdom, a practical art serving as a model, offered to all peoples to permit them to attain a strong, just, peaceful and stable internal order, and at the same time to enter the concert of the civilised nations that are determined to hold in check any belligerent revival of savagery or to recover from it.

3. Christian civilisation, inherited from the Gospel, preserved from century to century and enriched by the many contributions and traditions of different peoples, but perhaps raised to its highest degree of perfection by “gracious France,” was finally the inspired means, blessed and protected by God down to our day, for spreading and laying the foundations of Christendom among all the peoples of the earth, in that harmony made possible by admirable and incomparable common customs. It remains the source of inspiration and the model of all politics devoted to the common good of society. It thus indirectly favours the eternal salvation of its members.

Today, we place our hope for the restoration of Christianity and for its extension to the whole world on Our Lady of Fatima’s promise: “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted and a certain period of peace will be given to the world.”

This eminently political work will also necessarily be a religious work for, as St. Pius X taught: “There is no true civilisation without a moral civilisation, and no true moral civilisation without the true religion: this is a proven truth, a historical fact.” In order to succeed, this work will have to be inspired and protected by the Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of every one of us, forever.

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