Your gnosis, Most Holy Father

Jesus ! Mary ! Joseph !

MOST Holy Father,

The first and last error of this Catechism is of a great simplicity. It is admittedly ingenious in its new synthesis of divine Revelation. It is generous in its intention to gladden humanity and thus bring it back to our God and Father, and thence to its original brotherhood. But it transposes our natural history, such as our Creator has traced it and as it irrevocably unfolds, into a world of unreality. And so, in the historical reality of this divine predestination – which your Catechism contradicts and apparently outclasses, but it is all a mirage ! – your Catechism takes its place, at the appointed time, in the ultimate and primaeval battle of Satan against the Immaculate and against Her blessed Son. It is the manifesto of Christ’s rivals and their Synagogue, it is the manifesto of Man and Woman, idols in their own eyes, whom God will destroy with His divine mouth, which is Christ, and with His fiery breath, which is His Holy Spirit of Justice and Love.

Your reverie began with the creation of the first man, and is renewed at the conception of each one of us. You see us all in that first instant, images and likenesses of the Face of God. But He did not make it so. It is His Word and it is the divine Lady Dove of His Holy Spirit whom He predestined to be like Him and to receive from Him every possible grace and blessing, so that they might tend directly and uniquely, united one to another in tenderness, towards the abode of Glory and Beatitude which He had prepared for Them from the beginning of the world and where They now reign.

What your Catechism grants to man, to every man, to every woman as well, without distinction, and to each of us, poor sinners, the Father wished to give to Jesus and Mary alone. In acting in this way, You are usurping for the children of your dream, the men and women of your gnosis, the graces that were to appear only in Our Saviour and His divine Mother, Our Lord and Our Lady, our King and our Queen.

The marvels which have been paraded before our fascinated eyes, from one chapter to the next in this Catechism, were not ours nor for us, but Theirs and for Them, from before the beginning of the world. They were accorded that we might be enriched by our likeness to Them, a likeness received through Their merits and generosity. In His Incarnation, Redemption and Resurrection, the Son was intensely united to His Father through His reparatory obedience, whereby He earned our salvation. And the Blessed Virgin, in Her sorrowful Co-redemption, knew in the Holy Spirit all the joys and ecstasies of Heaven, but it was to distribute them graciously to all Her children, with the motherly tenderness of Her Immaculate Heart, the reflection of the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Without Them, what else would we be but wretched creatures without strength or beauty ?

From page to page, you constantly and quite rightly celebrate these marvels of the Father’s solicitude for His children. This error is close to the Truth that it plagiarises. It is indeed true that this solicitude fills us with blessings, but it is at the prayer of the Virgin Mary and through the merits of Jesus Christ. And as for the flight to the bosom of God which you promise to us all, it is in following Them in their glorious Ascension and Assumption that we will come to this happiness and glory, if at any rate we have believed what we have been preached, if we have been baptised, and if we have received the Body and Blood of Christ in anticipation of this happy resurrection !

Although you misled us about our first birth, calling us sons and daughters of God, perfect in all things and saints too, He, our Creator, in His Wisdom, did give us a nature in His image, it is true, but one that was fragile and fallible. And, to keep us in the humility which flourishes under trial before entering into glory, He Himself established it for us a condition on this earth that we live in obscurity and in obedience to His law, with all the strength of our spiritual soul, but not without some providential help.

Original sin was not, as we read in you, a minor affair that was quickly overcome and forgotten. Our earthly abode became a misery and a snare for us. Immense multitudes of degenerate human beings – why hide the fact ? – have rebelled against their Creator, followed the demons, attached themselves to earthly goods and turned their eyes away from the Beatitude that God contemplated giving them in a better and final abode. But this you did not wish to say, lest you displease the men of our proud times. Thereupon, they heard you with pleasure and sunk themselves in their errors, their rebellions, their disorderly loves, and their earthly greed, and you – excusing them for everything, praising and idolising them – you again applauded them for their corruption and their apostasy. They made idols of themselves, taking themselves as genuinely being what they were not, but which you falsely told them they were: a people of gods, a people of priests, of prophets and of kings !

And now, what are they going to devise ? You have completed your eulogy of man, and they have heard you only too well. They are claiming to construct a more perfect nature, without the aid of Jesus Christ, but driven by a Spirit of distraction which you call divine ! Out of their earthly abode where God detains them, they want to make a Heaven of their own, there to come inebriated on the same goods and the same satisfactions they have always known. And this arrogance, this pride, this dignity, this liberty, which they boast of and which you profess to admire in them as an exact likeness to God the Father and Son, they delight in as a perpetual defiance of their Creator. It has reached the point where a battle is going to break out between the two worlds. Theirs is the world of your gnostic anthroposophy – will you be part of it ? Ours is that of Jesus and Mary, ever triumphant.

What is to be done now ? Nothing other than to preach Jesus and Mary, Jesus crucified and Mary transfixed. Men must be taught that the moment has come to adore the true Man, the true image and likeness of the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Immaculate Conception, His Holy Mother who gives Him for us to cherish in order that we may grieve over our dissimilarity and our misfortune in this vale of tears, while we wait for the grace of salvation, which proceeds from an incomprehensible and inestimable predestination.

Our mirages have led us astray, Most Holy Father; we have lost our way because of your gnosis and we are filled with pride for having dreamed of a plan of grace more wonderful than that of God even ! We have thrust the human race back under the yoke of Satan, a Liar from the beginning. Today, he believes he can triumph through our false Gospel. Ah, let us repent, let us preach the true paths of salvation ! It will never be too late to repair our errors and our extravagant behaviour. Through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sacred Heart will allow Himself to be touched, and our world, humbly athirst for Life, Truth and Love, will find or rediscover the way of the Church, the way of Rome, which is that of the Kingdom of Heaven in this world and in the next.

I am Your Holiness’ humble servant,

Brother Georges of Jesus