He is risen !

N° 216 – December 2020

Director : Frère Bruno Bonnet-Eymard

The Virgin of Paris

MIRACULOUSLY victorious over the fire of Her cathedral (April 15, 2019,) Our Lady of Paris stopped the fire at Her feet, just as She had seen the Creator “fix a limit to the sea so that the waters should not overstep its edge,” (Proverbs 8:29).

During the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, the upper part of the spire fell, fracturing the vault. Contrary to all expectations, however, the beams crashed just a few centimetres from the statue of the Virgin and Child, without touching it, which made Philippe Villeneuve, the chief architect of the Historic Monuments, say: “I can say that it goes far beyond the symbol. It goes back... these are things that are miraculous.” To say the least! Visibly Our Lady really did stop the fire at Her feet, just as She had seen the Creator “fix a limit to the sea so that the waters should not overstep its edge” (Pr 8:29). Let us remember the promise She made to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830: “A time will come when the danger will be very great, and it will seem as though all were lost. At that time I will be with you. Have confidence, do not be discouraged, I will be with you.”

Did Pope Francis understand the message? For the 190th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady, Mediatrix of all graces, to Saint Catherine Labouré, he blessed a statue of the Virgin Mary as She is represented on the Miraculous Medal at the Rue du Bac, Paris, so that the statue could tour Italy for a year. To stop the pandemic just as Her medal had stopped an outbreak of cholera in Paris in 1832? This was the miracle that had earned it the title of “Miraculous Medal.” From that day on, this little medal, multiplying miracles, would spread like wildfire, and caused an irresistible awakening of piety. This announces the unprecedented liberalities that the Virgin Mary wants to bestow on all those who entrust themselves to Her Immaculate Conception through this invocation:

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to You.”

From that day on, the world is given a weapon, a sacred sign, a standard, a baldric, a breastplate where the Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are but one for the salvation of the temporal society overthrown by the Revolution: “On the day of the Holy Trinity, June 6, 1830, Our Lord appeared to me as a King with the Cross on His breast, in the Blessed Sacrament, during Holy Mass. It seemed as though the Cross were slipping down under the feet of Our Lord and that He was being stripped of all His regalia.

It was then that I had the most dismal and sad thoughts, thoughts about the King of this earth being dethroned and stripped of all his royal regalia, thoughts about the significant loss that we were going to suffer and which, moreover, I am unable to explain.”

May men deign to heed to the requests of the Heart of Mary to Saint Catherine, for the salvation of souls and for the exaltation and reign of Jesus Christ over the world! She presents Herself with Her arms outstretched and from Her hands shine rays that represent the graces that this Mediatrix pours forth upon the world.

On the other hand, on the night of July 18 to 19, 1830, She warned Saint Catherine of the immense mystery of iniquity that was going to set the earth ablaze, starting with France:

My child, the times are very bad. Sorrows will come upon France; the throne will be overthrown. The whole world will be convulsed by disasters of every description.” The Virgin appeared very pained as She said this. “But come to the foot of this altar. Here graces will be poured forth upon all who ask for them with confidence and fervour. A time will come when the danger will be very great, and it will seem as if all were lost. At that time I will be with you, have confidence. Have confidence do not be discouraged, I will be with you.”

For us, disciples of Joan of Arc, we understand very, very well that Jesus Christ is true King of France. When the royal regalia slip from His shoulders and drop to the ground because His lieutenant, Charles X, anointed king in Reims, abdicates, we understand, without any spirit of compromise, that the monarchy no longer exists. His usurper [Louis-Philippe] without faith, law or anointment is no longer a king for France!

However, the Queen is always there and She does not abdicate!

On Saturday November 27, 1830, the eve of the first Sunday of Advent, in the chapel on Rue de Bac, Sister Catherine had just heard a lecture on devotion to the Blessed Virgin, which had given her a great desire to see Her and the conviction that she would see Herbeautiful in Her wondrous beauty.” During the silence that followed the sermon, she heard the “rustle of a silk dress coming from the sanctuary” and suddenly there appeared, to the left of altar and on a level with the picture of Saint Joseph, the Immaculate, in the brilliance of Her original splendour:

Against a blue sky, studded with stars higher up and colour of dawn nearer the bottom, appearing in a sun was the Most Blessed Virgin, Her veil was colour of dawn, Her dress white, Her mantle sky blue, Her feet on a crescent, crushing the head of the serpent with Her heel. Twelve stars encircled Her head, and there was a faint cloud beneath the crescent.”

In Her hands, She holds “very graciously” a golden ball surmounted by a small gold cross. Catherine hears an interior voice saying to her: “This ball that you see represents the whole world, especially France and each person in particular.”

The cross surmounting the globe of the world is the sign of the sovereignty of Christ the Saviour. Nevertheless, it is the Immaculate, Who holds this globe in Her hands, because She has been invested with this sovereignty that the Satanic Revolution had stripped from Her divine Son. That is why She is crushing the head of the Serpent, “greenish in colour with yellow spots,” Saint Catherine specified.

In Fatima, we find this “golden sphere” in the form of a “ball of light, at waist height that Our Lady is wearing round the neck.” Let us adore this pure and adorable decree of God’s Good Pleasure, in accordance with which the Immaculate has received jurisdiction over the world.

Her eyes, Saint Catherine wrote, were sometimes raised Heavenward and sometimes lowered earthward: “When She prayed, Her countenance was so beautiful that it is quite impossible to depict it.”

It was the sight of Mary imploring Divine Mercy that most ravished Saint Catherine’s soul, giving her a particular attraction for the image of the “Virgin of the Globe,” also called the “Mighty Virgin.”

In response to Mary’s prayer, rings appeared on Her fingers, three on each finger. Each ring was set with precious stones, from whence shone rays fulfilling the prophecy of Habakkuk: “Rays flashed from His hand; and there He veiled His power.” (Hab 3:4) This is said of the Messiah, but His Immaculate Mother exercises the prerogatives of Her Son. “It is the symbol of the graces that I pour forth upon people who ask Me for them,” hears Sister Catherine, who has no difficulty entering into the mystery of this mediation of graces: “… making me understand how agreeable it was to pray to the Blessed Virgin and how generous She was to people who pray to Her, what great graces She grants people who ask Her for them, what joy She experiences in granting them... “

It is the prayer of the Holy Rosary that makes the heavenly Mediatrix open Her hands full of light and grace. Three rings per finger makes fifteen rings worn by Our Lady on each hand, corresponding to the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. Saint Catherine made the Rosary the prayer of her whole life.

The rays had become so intense that the golden globe disappeared. The hands of the Immaculate were inclined in a gesture that was both very maternal and very sovereign. A mandorla shaped frame formed around Her with the following words written in golden letters, starting at Her right hand, passing over Her head and ending on a level with Her left hand: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to You.”

Yet not everyone has recourse to you. Some precious stones do not emit beams of light: “These are the graces that people neglect to ask of Me.

Then, Catherine heard a voice saying to her:

Have a medal struck after this model. Everyone who wears it with confidence will receive great graces.”

Then she saw the image turn over. At its centre the letter M is represented, surmounted by a cross resting on a horizontal bar, depicting the altar on which the Sacrifice of the Cross is perpetuated. Beneath it are the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the first surrounded by a crown of thorns, the second pierced by a sword.

Anxious to know how she should decorate the reverse side of the medal, Saint Catherine heard a voice saying to her: “The M and the two Hearts say enough!”

Indeed. The monogram of Marie proclaims Her very Name, a name infinitely dear to God, so loveable, yet terrifying to the demons. “In our French language,” said Saint Francis de Sales, “the anagram of Mary is none other than to love, so that to love means Mary, and Mary means to love.”

The Miraculous Medal,” our Father wrote, “is the victory of Mary over Satan, a means of assisting all the poor bodies and souls that suffer. Such is the maternal solicitude of the Most Blessed Virgin for ordinary people in difficulty who wear Her medal with confidence.” The Medal also explicitly reminds us of what had been, and what has remained so since the Revolution, the rallying sign of monarchical and Catholic fidelity: the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary forever united. As for the twelve stars, they were placed by the engraver on the reverse side of the medal. The Immaculate, our Mother forever, is Queen. One day, Saint Catherine wrote: “Oh! How beautiful it will be to hear people say: ‘Mary is the Queen of the universe, particularly of France,’ and the children will shout with transports of joy: ‘and of each person in particular.’ It will be a time of peace, of joy and happiness which will last a long time. She will be borne aloft on a banner and She will tour the world.

To make this “Virgin of the Globe, the Queen of the universe” known and loved, would be the torment of Saint Catherine’s life. She would even describe it one day as her ‘martyrdom.’ It was only in 1876, the very year of her death, that she would receive permission from her superiors to have a statue sculptured in accordance with her indications. Today, it is the Virgin of the Medal. Thank you, Holy Father!


In Rome, on December 8, 1854, Blessed Pius IX confirmed the privilege of Mary “conceived without sin” by a dogmatic definition. She had manifested Herself in Paris through countless miracles, putting an end to the cholera epidemic in 1832, converting the parish of Notre-Dame des Victoires in 1836.

Saint Bernadette observed with great filial thoughtfulness in her letter to Pope Pius IX, that by responding on March 25, 1858, in Lourdes: “I am the Immaculate Conception” to her insistent plea to know Her name, Our Lady had confirmed the Holy Father’s dogmatic definition of the Immaculate Conception.

Pius IX, however, could have replied to Mary’s holy confidant that, in proclaiming the dogma, he himself had based himself on the invocation that had appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to You.”

After Paris, Our Lady descended, on September 19, 1846, in La Salette at the request of Sister Mary of Saint Peter. It was a Saturday, the last of the Ember Days and the eve of the feast of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. She was in tears. In spite of all Her miracles, Her people did not convert:

If My people are not willing to submit, I am forced to let fall the arm of My Son. It is so heavy and so weighty that I can no longer withhold it. I have suffered for you for so long! If I do not wish My Son to abandon you, I must take it upon Myself to pray unceasingly for you, and you take no heed of this! However much you pray, however much you do, you will never be able to recompense the pains I have taken for you!

Then a ‘divine’ surprise if ever there was one!

Six days I have given you to labour, the seventh I have kept for Myself, and no one wants to grant it to Me. This is what makes the arm of My Son so heavy!

So She was with God in the days of creation? Yes indeed! This is what is revealed in the prosopopoeia of the Book of Proverbs that we read in the epistle of the Mass of the Immaculate Conception:

When He marked out the foundations of the earth, I was there. At His side, I am, a beloved child; I am, making His delight, day after day; ever at play before Him, playing on the ground of the earth, and finding My delight among the sons of Adam.” (Pr 8:30-31)

Poor Mother! Today, they are Her affliction. She, however, does not give up trying to reconquer Her people of France. In Lourdes, She came to found Her city, a Holy City, the heavenly Jerusalem descending from On High. The Virgin Mary came down to speak to men in this place, from this grotto. Its rock has become another Holy Land where the miracles of the Gospel are reproduced, as in the past, at the word of Jesus. The power of God here penetrates the world in the footsteps of the Immaculate. Ultimate manifestation of divine mercy.

“Lourdes is really ‘the religion of our fathers,’ Father de Nantes told us, with a touch of bitterness in the tone of voice, because it was but no longer is. The Blessed Virgin has left France for Portugal. We are not jealous; we love Fatima. Yet Lourdes clings to our roots, our soul, our heart, all our sensitivity. Lourdes is the Blessed Virgin Who touches the rock.

Nevertheless, She left us Her smile in Pontmain and Lisieux, since in Fatima She never ‘laughed.’ On the other hand at Pontmain, when the miraculous inscription in letters of gold on the white scroll was completed:

Do pray My children God will answer you before very long •

It was punctuated by a full stop ‘as big as the sun,’ according to the children, who exclaimed: “Now She’s laughing!

They then sang the Inviolata. Immediately the children announced that new letters were appearing on the same white scroll, but on a second line. Just as they had finished singing: O Mater alma Christi, carissima!O gentle and beloved Mother of Christ,” the seers had spelt out letter by letter these words: My Son…

The little crowd thrilled with unutterable emotion… “It is truly the Blessed Virgin,” the children said. “It is Her!” the crowd repeated.

The singing of the Inviolata was followed by the Salve Regina. Whilst the people of France were singing of their Queen, and when they reached the passage of the antiphon: “Turn then most gracious Advocate, your eyes of mercy towards us,” an invisible hand was tracing the letters that the children spelt out one by one:

My Son allows Himself to be moved

When, on the order of the venerable Parish Priest, Sister Marie-Édouard intoned Mère de l’Espérance [Mother of Hope], the Blessed Virgin raised Her hands and graciously moved Her fingers in time to the hymn, whilst smiling at the children, who could not contain themselves for joy: “Now She’s laughing! Now She’s laughing!” And they jumped for joy, clapping their hands and repeating: “Oh! how beautiful She is! How beautiful She is!

We know by heart the words that brightened the face of the Immaculate, on the evening of January 17, 1871:

Remember, Mary, That one of our Sovereigns

Entrusted our Country Into Your august hands.

The reminder of Louis XIII’s consecration of France to the Immaculate Heart of Mary delighted our Queen. This smile is the revelation of Mary’s Heart: She did not allow the destruction of the altar of Her cathedral, of the Cross that luminously surmounts it, nor of the statues of Louis XIII and Louis XIV (photo, infra).

Now, on this same January 17, 1871, in besieged Paris, the faithful gathered in droves at Our Lady of Victories church: “We are all going to implore publicly and solemnly the Most Blessed Virgin to come to our aid,” the Parish Priest Father Amodru told them. “And we shall not cross the threshold of this sacred Temple dedicated to Her glory, without having also solemnly promised to offer Her a silver heart, which will inform future generations that today, between eight o’clock and nine o’clock in the evening, an entire people prostrated themselves at the feet of Our Lady of Victories and was saved by Her!”

This was precisely the hour when, a hundred leagues from there, Our Lady, terrible like an army in battle array, stopped the Prussians at the city gates of Laval.


A few years later, She descended to Lisieux to rescue little Thérèse from “diabolical disorientation,” according to the expression that Sister Lucy used to characterise the state of a Church who does not lose self-control, like little Thérèse at the height of her fits. She kept the healthy use of her higher faculties, as Sister Marie du Sacré-Cœur (Marie Martin), the eldest of the family, testified: “Her senses were inhibited, but she did not lose her self-consciousness.” So it is with the Church: there is a Pope and cardinals and heads of the Roman dicasteries. The disorientation, however, is such that the members of the Church commit all sorts of crimes and the most violent of disorders that deserve the severest reprobation. The Church is as though bound by a true diabolical possession.

How will it all be resolved? By a marvellous apparition of the Virgin Mary on May 13, 1883. Therese herself recounts the miracle: “Suddenly, the Blessed Virgin looked beautiful to me, so beautiful, that I had never seen anything so beautiful; Her face radiated an ineffable goodness and tenderness, but what penetrated to the depth of my soul was the ravishing smile of the Blessed Virgin. Then all my sorrows faded away. ‘Ah! I thought, the Blessed Virgin smiled at me, how happy I am!’ ”

In the retreat entitled New Saint Thérèse, which he preached to us in September 1992, Father de Nantes, our founder, commented: “It seems to me that the fact that this took place on May 13, 1883, puts even more emphasis on the figuration of what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow. Is it not the announcement of the end of time? Is it not a prefiguration of the possession of the Church by the Devil, and this possession accompanied by the prayers of the saints? As it was accompanied, at Therese’s bedside, by those of her father, Louis Martin, and her sisters.

“When May 13, 1883 arrived, it was the Virgin Who appeared, just as She would appear thirty-four years later, on May 13, 1917 in Fatima, but She never smiled in Fatima. Can we think that it will be through a smile, that it will be a ‘Virgin of the Smile’ Who will miraculously deliver the Church from this diabolical pressure” of which she has been a victim for almost sixty years?


Why did Our Lady lose Her smile in Fatima? Because She had left France. She was exiled to Portugal to try to exercise there Her ministry of Mercy. Our good God, in His infinite goodness, after having conceived and called Her to take Her place for eternity in the bosom of His Glory, desired to entrust this ministry to Her as a heritage, in His Holy Spirit, reserving for Himself that of His Justice. Thus She might yet intercede for us all, at the right hand of Jesus, His infinitely beloved Son, Our Lord and Saviour forever.

In full communion with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Father expressed Her feelings in a complaint of love and mercy that he placed on the lips of our cherished Mother, dated July 15, 2000, the day after the publication of the third part of the Secret that had been confided to Lucy, Francisco and Jacintha, on July 13, 1917.


“This is how, from the beginning, I obtained from Him, through His grace, which flows from this very loving Son’s Sacred Heart, the permission to show you the abyss of Hell, through the window that separates it from us, in order that you may be terrified forever and that each one of you may tremble for his loved ones as well as for his own soul and his own flesh, that he may pray and sacrifice himself charitably for so many poor souls who have already disappeared down this bad road to Hell, from which no soul will ever return to the light of our good God.

“To do this, I came from Heaven in order to ask you in His Name to pray for these poor sinners and to console My Immaculate Heart, Which is grieved to see so many of Its children heading to Hell.

“Would you not also like to help Me assist all these poor souls whose sins lead them like blind men to such a terrible end?”

[How could I not answer, unhesitatingly: Yes! Immediately our cherished Mother continues:]


“Very well! Let me tell you that the three beloved children to whom I confided My sorrows, and through whom a multitude of your brothers, responded to My call, saved themselves from all evil, from sin in this world and from Hell in the next. 

“Thus, in their time, they obtained peace on earth (November 11, 1918) and the happiness of Heaven (deaths of Francisco on April 4, 1919 and Jacinta on February 20, 1920). So many others, however, turned their backs on Me and did not cease to offend God: they were punished by war, famine and persecutions.

“To renew the courage of peoples in this fight against Hell, I warned them of what they would soon have to suffer for the sake of our God Who is so good, so good!

“I praised the desire of the Heart of My God: to see you consecrate yourselves to eternal love under the title of the Sacred Heart of My Jesus and of My Immaculate Heart, in accord with what our good Heavenly Father was requesting. As a sign of her acceptance, Russia, until then given over to devils, would offer the spectacle of a sudden and marvellous conversion to her ancient orthodox, Catholic Faith (that is, neither Modernist nor progressivist).

“I came back to inform them of this, in Pontevedra and in Tuy, in 1925 and 1929 respectively.

“But, O My children, pain pierces My Immaculate Heart, a wound crueller than at the foot of the Cross.

“I had a premonition that the hour had come for the mystery of iniquity that My Son had announced, touching the elect themselves…”

[Who would sink into the heresy of the Council... out of obedience. Except Lucy, Our Lady’s messenger.]

“No one heeded My message, neither the wicked nor the good. This post-war generation proved itself to be ungrateful, odious to the point of equipping the arm of My Son against Me, Who had made a covenant of love with Him whereby My tears would pay for all the insults and infidelities, all the horrors and crimes that He would have to suffer for the forgiveness of sinners, and among them for the souls closest to His pierced Heart!”

[A legion of little victims, at the school of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.]


“It is this covenant of love that I showed on July 13, 1917 to the three children of My Heart, who immediately longed to participate in it through their devotions and sacrifices.”

[When Our Lady said to them: “When you recite the Rosary, say after each mystery: O my Jesus, forgive us our sins! Save us from the fires of Hell! Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who have the greatest need of it.’”]

“Imagine, My children, this tragedy in which I am in the Glory of God, as always; the Angel who guards the entrance of My dwelling seems to raise his flaming sword over the world to destroy it.

“God knows that He would have succeeded if, O miracle! the kindling of the fire had not been stopped by the splendour and brilliant light coming from My right hand.

“At Fatima, in those years, great marvels took place while My three children, who are among My most cherished ones, appealed to the Church herself, and the entire world to do penance.

“To what grace, to what miracle do these facts owe this happiness? Even today I am unable to express it, because this very beautiful façade obscures a crime about which none of those who were destined to take part in it, even unto death, wanted to say anything or let anything filter through. I myself do not have, nor do I wish to have, any knowledge about it since, as you are well aware, Mother of Mercy and Compassion, I am not motivated by hatred or revenge.”


“My good children, be not afraid! Take a look through this glass that is the reflection of Heaven. See this man dressed in white; it is the Holy Father in September 1978. No sooner had he died than he was already embalmed; ignored as though he had never existed.

“But Someone here cannot forget him: it is I, his Mother, and ever since this assassination, this martyrdom, I, Mary of the Seven Sorrows, abandoning those whose hands are covered in blood, I keep vigil along with My unique Son, over My confidant, the secret witness of all, your noble Pastor, Albino Luciani.

“I beheld him in that pure light that is God, passing like a glorious body for which an immense glory was reserved. My Immaculate Heart beat with maternal love to the verge of breaking, for it was he who was the object of the tenderness of My God, but He appeared oblivious of this. The Angel who was clearing a path for him once again cried out loud enough to stir the abyss.

Penance! Penance! Penance!

“However, the world, on the left of My splendour, was choking with fury and hatred, but My Prince, My Priest, set little store by this; on the contrary he smiled, with a divine grace, like My Christ in times past.

“The Holy Land, on My right, seemed to be awakening from a long night and was practicing the hallelujah of Heaven. It was like the Vatican gardens, a new Paradise in which this incomparable Prince of Peace was taking a walk, saying his breviary, reciting his Rosary, awaiting his hour.”


“Then the Angel sounded his trumpet and we beheld religious and priests turning towards Me and greeting Me with countless Ave Marias. They formed processions to Lourdes, Loreto and Fatima, with a cheerfulness that reminded the older folk of the extraordinary feasts of ancient times.

“The one, headed by My elect, that began in the mountains of Galicia and the steep heights of Portugal was, above all others, the most endearing to My Immaculate Heart because it corresponded, by divine inspiration, to what Jesus desired to hear and admire the most.

“These multitudes climbed these steep mountains without difficulty. Rosaries and crucifixes could once again be seen in their hands, on their banners and their religious habits, such as had never been seen since the times of the Revolution. Each carved himself a rough cross, which is easy to do with oaks that still have their bark.

“Thus commenced the rebirth of the Church of ancient times. This clergy was proof that the meritorious tradition of our parishes still existed, albeit in an ‘underground’ and persecuted manner.”


“Ah! My dear children, observe, observe carefully the one whom you have already seen, albeit as a phantom through the veils of God’s glory which bathes this country.

“It is your Pope who disappeared for a time, as though dead, and who now returns, like a good Shepherd, to save his flock.

“I have shown you several signs of this return whereby you will know him better and will no longer ever forget.

“Thus you saw him leave his diocese [Venice], as my messenger [Sister Lucy] had prophesied it to him, and enter resolutely into the one [Rome] that Christ, like his Priest, had long ago assigned to him.

“It is Rome, the see of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. In what state did he find it? ‘In ruins,’ both morally and spiritually. I wanted the ruin to be concealed from no one, that those responsible for it should not be singled out. I wanted that, because I am the Mother of Mercy as well as the seat of Wisdom.

“That this Pope, so recently given, had collapsed, like his diocese, is a great credit to him. Already, at this station of his Way of the Cross, he proves himself to be My perfect servant, eager to atone with Me and our beloved Jesus for the faults and crimes of his predecessors.

“I do not want to punish so many horrible crimes without our universal Charity first seeking to eradicate the evil and to procure the supreme good of Mercy and Pardon. My servant himself preached by example.

“There is still much to be said, but nothing will be the same as before.

“From Saint Pius X to John Paul I, a secret struggle took place between the Immaculate Virgin and the ministers of Her Son in revolt against Him.”

[Between 1978 and 2000, this involved a shameful exclusion, the climax of which was the exile of our Father to Hauterives, Switzerland, by the will of Bishop Daucourt, Diocese of Troyes (1996)].

“Today, however, everything that would have been better never to have known has been forgotten, and I, David’s daughter, have wrapped it in images.”

[“And we saw, in an immense light that is God, ‘something similar to the image a mirror reflects when a person passes in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White –we had the impression that it was the Holy Father.”]

“There only remains the image of the true Priest, the holy Pontiff, the holy Bishop, the incomparable Patriarch of Venice, finally the Sovereign Pontiff, who was and remains forever the holy Victim, the Victim without stain, the innocent Victim killed by his brothers, the priest of the incomparable Sacrifice of the Roman altar.

“Tomorrow, thanks to his burnt offering, the rebirth of the undivided Church of East and West will commence, under the one and only Roman Father and Patriarch, the one who will shortly be proclaimed a saint by popular acclamation.

“God grant that, in virtue of the admirable, the perfect understanding that existed between these two marvellous souls, My most faithful messenger may learn of such glory!”


[“Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels, each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”]

“Yes, it is true, cruel martyrdoms and harsh times still lie ahead for the Church of Rome, for the Church of Moscow.

“For as long as our most beloved Heavenly Father wishes to prolong the exchange of love which I entered into with My Son so that all Justice might be fulfilled. From My tears mixed with the tears and blood of all souls devoted to My Immaculate Heart, I will plead for Mercy for the souls making their way to God: the Blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians.

“My Immaculate Heart will triumph, as My Son desires. A time of peace will be given to the world, which will have come back to its God, and there will once again be pilgrim throngs going to Jerusalem, to the Holy Trinity-Saint Sergius monastery, to Rome and to Fatima!

“Such is My message, totally inspired by Me Who guided the pen of My faithful messenger.

[When she wrote the Third Secretin 1944.]

“Such is the message of Brother George of Jesus Mary, because the fragrant anointing of the Holy Spirit wounds his heart with an infinite love for the totally united Heart of Jesus-Heart of Mary, and for their martyrs of East and West.

“What does he tell us to do?

“Love the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Love what She loves!

“Brother Georges of Jesus-Mary, July 15, 2000.”


Already in April 1843, Sister Mary of Saint Peter, from the Carmel of Tours, had heard an ‘interior voice’ say to her: “Return to your Father’s house, which is none other than My Heart.” Then, having gone to prayer and having united herself to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, she heard these words:

Apply yourself to honouring My Heart and that of My Mother, do not separate Them; pray to Them for yourself and for sinners.”

On August 26 of that same year, “there was a terrible thunderstorm; 1 have never felt the justice of an angered God as in that moment.”

Then she heard these words: “‘My Name is blasphemed everywhere; even children blaspheme.’ Then He made me see how this appalling sin grievously wounded His Divine Heart, more than all the others. Through blasphemy, the sinner curses Him to His Face, openly attacks Him, destroys His Redemption and pronounces his own condemnation and judgement. He made me consider how blasphemy is like a poisoned arrow that perpetually wounds His Divine Heart; then made me understand that He wished to give me ‘a golden arrow’ to wound Him with delight or to heal the wounds of malice that sinners inflict upon Him.

Here is the glorification that Our Lord dictated to me, despite my great unworthiness, for the reparation of blasphemy of His Holy Name, and that He gave it to me as a golden arrow, telling me that every time I say it, I shall wound His Heart with a wound of love.


May the most Holy, most Sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and ineffable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in Heaven, on earth, and in Hell, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.”

As I felt a certain astonishment in my soul at Our Lord’s saying to me, ‘in hell’, He had the goodness to make me understand that His justice was glorified there.

It is not at all surprising that President Macron should proclaim ‘freedom to blaspheme’ in France in his speech of October 2, 2020. His predecessors, long ago, ever since the fall of Charles X, have set the example by a sacrilegious persecution of our Catholic and French worship, which inspires us sing: “Long live the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, King and Queen of France.”

The scandal, however, is above all in the silence of the bishops of France. Do they no longer recite the Lord’s Prayer? “Our Lord has made me share in His desire to see the name of His Divine Father glorified,” Sister Mary of Saint Peter confided to her superior in 1843, “and it appears to me that like the angels who ceaselessly chant the Sanctus, I must apply myself to glorify His Holy Name; that in doing this exercise, I would accomplish the order which He had given me to honour His Divine Heart and that of His Holy Mother, because they were equally wounded by the blasphemy.” As Our Lady’s tears at La Salette in 1846 showed.

Let us hope that the ‘pilgrimage’ of Notre-Dame de Paris throughout Italy will console Her for our ingratitude and the blasphemy caused by our President. Let us hope also that Our Holy Father the Pope will complete this ‘sending on mission’ of the Mother of God by the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, so that the whole world, put to the test by the ‘punishment’ of its ungodliness, and the Church that of her Apostasy, by the sufferings of the pandemic and by poverty, will cease to blaspheme Her and will begin again to say, together with the Angel of Portugal: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, who do not adore, who do not hope, who do not love You.” This is our “Golden Arrow” that “wounds” the Most Unique Heart of Jesus-Mary with a “wound of love” in reparation for our blasphemies and ingratitude.

Brother Bruno of Jesus-Mary