He is risen !

N° 211 – July 2020

Director : Frère Bruno Bonnet-Eymard

Judge the tree by its fruits

(Catholic Counter-Reformation League News)

July 2020 – excerpts

ON August 6, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the perpetual profession of our Brothers Bruno and Gerard and, on August 16, that of our Mother Lucy. Our Father then declared: “In 1965, the Council was drawing to a close, the fruits that I announced would appear on this bramble. Our own fruits are certainly modest, but they are good. It is the work that has been founded, these communities, these houses, this magnificent chapel where we are gathered in unity. It, however, is not our work, because it is the work of the Lord.”


Ten years after our beloved Father, Brother George of Jesus Mary was called into God’s presence, the tree he solidly planted in medio Ecclesiae continues to bear fruit.


On June 21, on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, another Brother Georges, who grew up in the shadow of our Maison Saint-Joseph, pronounced his perpetual vows.

The sermon was about the battle of Saint George. Not so much that of the Roman martyr as the one that it foreshadowed: the formidable opposition of Father Georges de Nantes to the greatest of all the Councils, from which arose the foul beast of Masdu.


On the following Saturday, June 27, we celebrated the nuptials of our Sisters Maylis of Saint Anne and Marguerite of the Mercy of Jesus et Mary. We were celebrating Our Lady of Perpetual Help, guarantor of our perpetual fidelity, symbolised by the nuptial ring given by brother prior to the newly professed sisters:

I give you to Jesus Christ, Son of our heavenly Father as spouse. May He guard you from all defilement. Receive therefore the ring of marital fidelity, the seal of the Holy Spirit, that you may bear the title of Bride of Christ and, if you serve Him faithfully, wear the eternal crown.”

The crucifix they receive among their wedding gifts reveals that love for this crucified Spouse is an immolation.

This is the foreshortened path of the ‘Way of the Cross’ that Brother Bruno indicated to our two professed sisters. It led Saint Jacinta of Fatima straight to Heaven, with overflowing fervour for the Immaculate Heart of Mary and consuming anguish for souls who fall into Hell as though into a whirlpool.

It is devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a new devotion, or rather not new, but which the Will of God’s Good Pleasure has given a new scope because the perpetual vows that you have just pronounced, Sisters, enrol you in the army of Mary, since poverty, chastity and obedience fight victoriously against the vices that are the cause of the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May Saint Jacinta pass on to us the strength of soul that made her a victim of that love which now reigns in your hearts, Sisters, forever.”



Did you know that this year our Communities in the Ardèche are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their foundation? For the occasion, we celebrated a triple perpetual profession, that of our Brothers Marc of the Immaculate Coredemptrix, Marie-Bruno of Jesus and Grégoire of the Annunciation, from Maison Saint-Bruno.

I want to die to the world to live risen with Christ, our Sovereign Priest, the Master of the disciples and the Saviour of the Body, in the Holy Spirit for the Glory of the Father, forever and ever.” (perpetual profession ceremony)

On November 28, 2010, on leaving the hermitages that he had just founded, Brother Bruno gave them Article 23 of our Rule as their programme: “The brothers will participate in the life of the Church militant […]

Miles, means soldier. The Church, not yet victorious, is militant. In twenty centuries she has known few great triumphs, great victories.

“ ‘God does not ask us to conquer, but to fight,’ Bishop Freppel said. Saint Pius X once explained to someone who was astonished that the Church had achieved so little in 2000 years, that Our Lord did not so much want the victory of the Church over her enemies, but rather long struggles in which she would acquire much merit, in which she would awaken many vocations and save many souls. We should not be surprised, therefore, less still discouraged, to see the failure of good causes, while the stupidity of men, their cowardice and betrayal always prevail. We are here on earth to prepare for the triumph of Heaven by our sacrifices, by the persecutions we suffer, by the difficulties we encounter.”

After ten years of perseverance, Brother Bruno specified how far our three brothers would have to go in their endurance, commenting on the apparitions of the Angel of Fatima in 1916: “Make of everything you can a sacrifice, and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners.

How far? To martyrdom.

It truly seems that there will be no other remedy for the blindness, hardening, apostasy and eternal damnation of the pastors of the Church leading throngs to perdition, because they flout, ridicule, contradict or superbly ignore the will of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and wound it. The transgression that God cannot bear, which for Him is the irremissible sin, the one that strikes Him at the Heart is to insult His Mother.

As our Father used to say, bad shepherds always precede their flock or follow them into Hell. No nomenklatura lasts forever!


Against the Catholic Counter-Reformation, our Bishops have undertaken to do the remake the biblical drama of the libidinous Elders against the chaste Susanna (Dn 13). After Bishop Pontier’s summons to consent to the conciliar Church’s adultery, on pain of severe sanctions, after Brother Bruno’s magnificent profession of faith of the Catholic Counter-Reformation that was our reply to it (cf. He is Risen no. 200, July-August 2019), the Conference of French Bishops now stoops to ignominious calumnies in its “warning” published last June 25.

If our friends’ reactions did not have the vehemence of the child Daniel whom God raised up to help Suzanne, the protests sent by some of them to their bishops as well as the numerous letters of support received by Brother Bruno bear a very comforting witness to our unanimity.


To Bishop Leborgne, Bishop of Amiens:

My Lord Bishop,

Having studied the Conference of French Bishops’ warning of June 25 concerning the Catholic Counter-Reformation and its members, I want to make known my indignation for the intimidating remarks that pervade it, and which I will not even mention so as not to stoop to the misery of their authors.

You are concerned about the active and intelligent involvement of members of the Catholic Counter-Reformation in your parishes and, by ideology, you basely want to put a stop to it.

Reread Gamaliel’s warning in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 5:34-40):

“ ‘In the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this undertaking is of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!’ The members of the Council were persuaded. Then they called the Apostles back and, having flogged them, they forbade them to speak in the name of Jesus, and then they released them.”

As for the flogging, you obviously know how to deal it out, in all missionary fraternity!

With the assurance of my prayers for the hierarchy of the Church, the ark of our salvation.

This is hard to do! Thus it is meritorious, but I obey Father Georges de Nantes who has always taught us that it is the hierarchy alone, and not the Catholic Counter-Reformation, that will save the Church from the desolation into which it has blindly plunged it. I pray especially for her Pastor our Holy Father Pope Francis who, as Our Lady of Fatima ordained and predicted, will be the instrument of the Church’s salvation when he will be willing to obey Her by consecrating Russia to Her Immaculate Heart and by spreading the reparatory devotion of the first five Saturdays of the month.

We will thus finally be all fraternally united in the truth and charity of our beautiful religion to go to Heaven, “the unique object of all our works.”

But alas! for the moment, without any illusion of a possible reply from your part, I send you my most respectful greetings.

M. P.


To Archbishop de Moulins-Beaufort, Archbishop of Reims:

My Lord Bishop,

Over the last few days I have been reading the warning you published against the Catholic Counter-Reformation.

As a member of the Phalange of the Catholic Counter-Reformation and a faithful practicing parishioner in your diocese, I would like to share my reactions and reflections with you.

My first movement was disgust at the vileness of the attacks. They are unverifiable, yet sufficiently befouling that they would stop any person in good faith from reading any further. It is a form of lynching that kills very effectively, without any other form of trial.

Then, I remarked that all these vile attacks were the very same ones, in almost the same terms, barely updated (for your information, the brothers are no longer in the days of audio cassettes; they have switched to the internet with a very active VOD site) that we have been suffering for decades from members who abandoned the Catholic Counter-Reformation. One is led to conclude that you have only copied their papers.

Finally, once the first moments of emotion had passed, I reflected thinking that all that you are refusing provides nevertheless the answers to the new questions posed by our times. The Second Vatican Council – which was necessary – provided answers but they emptied churches and religious communities. The questions therefore remain unresolved.

Father de Nantes’ doctrine provides precisely the answers: 1° by its relational metaphysics, answering the crucial question of our being in the world; 2° by its mystical theology anchoring our life as baptised persons ins the Trinitarian mystery already here below, in all possible states of life; 3° finally by its renewed explanation of the Eucharist re-establishing, against all Modernist reductions, its flavoursome and fruitful richness.

Modern, exciting answers, as far from desiccating rationalism as it is from evanescent charismatic attitudes, fully Catholic, which are already invigorating all those who experience them, in private and in community!

Your abject text, by its attacks on people, attacks a doctrine, and hence, also the universal Church, of which you are a Pastor: this is serious.

Please receive, my Lord Bishop, the expression of the respect due to your office.

C. P.


My dear brother,

We have just read the incredible “Warning concerning the doctrine of the Catholic Counter-Reformation” that the French Bishops’ Conference has put on its website. So much malicious nullity leaves us speechless. To which incompetent minion did they entrust the Catholic Counter-Reformation file? Poor, poor Church, she reminds us of a poor, sick mother who, in her dementia, ends up smiting those who approach her.

More than ever united in supplication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we take this opportunity to renew our Phalangist Act of Allegiance and to assure you of all our filial affection.

N. C.


Dearest Brother Bruno,

Thus, once again, the Holiness of the Church has prevailed over the iniquity of her pastors in the response of our Bishops, however odious it may be, since the condemnations with which Archbishop Pontier threatened you a year ago have disappeared from the infamous lampoon that the French Catholic hierarchy published last week.

Your answer to Archbishop Pontier must really have been unassailable in every respect since, despite the homicidal hatred that is apparent in the declaration’s bombastic style, the episcopate did not dare to utter the slightest criticism of the formidable synthesis of the Catholic Counter-Reformation doctrine that you handed them just over a year ago!

They must have been only too conscious of the nullity of their ‘doctrinal’ criticism to fight only with the weapons of intelligence and science, so, I tremble to write it but the comparison is obvious, they did the works of their father “the Devil who was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” The whole of chapter 8 of Saint John applies to this sparring between the adulterous hierarchy and you.

Our pastors and legitimate leaders are so hardened that they practice the “terrorism of slander” so often denounced by Pope Francis, so as to avoid seeing the sign of contradiction that our beloved Father’s work constitutes for them! How it pains our hearts, we who have learned from him a burning love for our Mother Church! So prayers, prayers and sacrifices for these men who are nonetheless successors of the Apostles, pastors of the Church!

What indignation I feel towards this text, which is as nasty as it is pathetic! Wretched in its attacks and ignoble insinuations that only aim at diverting good Catholics confident in their hierarchy from the Catholic Counter-Reformation; petty in the weakness, not to say the insignificance and indigence of the alleged doctrinal refutation of Father de Nantes. What! The Eucharist is not the continuation of the Incarnation (to take flesh)! Did not Our Lord say: “The bread which I shall give for the life of the world is My flesh” And again: "Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you will not have Life in you.” What is this Flesh if not the Flesh taken by Our Lord when He came into the world?

Forgive me for bothering you with this letter, my indignation is so strong that I must express it to you, Father, who have been outraged by these men whom Our Lord has nevertheless called to the highest offices. Yet let them beware: their attitude during the confinement hardly edified their priests, who witnessed the cowardice of our ‘mitered bureaucracy.’ This new lampoon will scandalise more than one parish priest by its dishonesty: our bishops are pathetic in the face of the persecuting government and take pride in beating a docile child!

Forgive me again for the tone of this letter: I am overwhelmed by the vileness of the episcopate: is there not at least one Nicodemus to disassociate himself from this infamy? How easily I would sacrifice my honour, my health and my life to see the princes of the Church of Jesus Christ return to their one and true Master by obeying their heavenly Mother by the consecration of Russia in union with the Holy Father and the propagation of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the practicing of First Saturdays!

M. B.


My dear Brother Bruno,

Many thanks and congratulations for your response to the President of the Conference of French Bishops! We spent all our nights looking for scathing answers to give to these poor and indigent bishops, totally lacking in mysticism, courage and the Holy Spirit, and here you are answering excellently for all of us! They are consumed with jealousy, these dead branches! Thank you, thank you my dearest brother!

L. M.


Dear friend,

The warning of the Conference of French Bishops is a demonic work. Beyond Father de Nantes, the Serpent is attacking Jesus and Mary, of whom he was the theologian, if I dare say so, total, in the sense that he systematised the lessons of the apparitions of Our Lady, revealing her mystery of eternity, of which the liturgy has always been the witness, by applying to Her the words of the book of Proverbs :

Yahweh possessed me at the beginning of His ways, before His earliest works. I was founded from eternity, from the beginning, before the origins of the earth... »

And if the authors of this serpentine drivel refuse the presence of Notre-Dame to the alpha, it is also because they refuse her acting to the omega. It is less Father de Nantes than the heel of the Immaculate, Mother-Wife of the Incarnate Word that they bite in their impiety.

Yes, drivel, which explains why twice the wretched newspaper Libération has the honor of being their source! A man is known by the company he keeps.

We could deduce from the trial carried out against Father de Nantes by these anonymous authors their own Protestant and Modernist doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, not to justify ourselves, but to denounce them, for their loss of faith.

For the devil to lash out against the Community of Saint-Parres in this way shows that he knows that its influence is gaining ground. Sursum corda then.

P. T.


My dear brother Bruno,

We were delighted with your response, which sums up well the quality of the communiqué of the Bishops of France: indignity and indigence. Do they hope to get rid of the problem like that? That is irresponsible.

J. L.


My brother,

We were appalled by the publication of the Conference of French Bishops, which would deserve criminal proceedings for defamation! What a disgrace!

Your answer, found today on the website, has done us a great deal of good! It was the only possible answer to such a vile attack. What you sent to Archbishop de Moulins-Beaufort is masterful. That these bishops still have the nerve to state that “Father de Nantes has benefited from many clarifications and warnings against his revolt” is truly scandalous. They will not shrink from any lie!

Our dear Father truly has the best defender in you. So be assured of our full and complete support.

C. R.


My dearest Brother Bruno,

We have, of course, seen and read the Conference of French Bishops’ communiqué. The obvious bad faith of these anonymous slanders and insults discredits it from the outset. However, this is an opportunity for us to express a loyalty that is non-negotiable.

We have in you and in the work of our Father, which you perpetuate, a very supernatural trust, which is strengthened day by day and through the trials to which the world in which we live submits us.

We are firmly resolved to remain faithful and to transmit to our children this treasure of virtues, light and grace that we have received through the camps, retreats and sessions, through the Catholic Counter-Reformation VOD site and the reading of the newsletter.

In any case, we cannot define ourselves otherwise than as Catholics and Phalangists, inseparably; since we owe everything to the Phalange, beginning with the family we are founding and the Faith, Hope and Charity on which we want it to rest.

We are infinitely grateful to you for having passed on to us and for continuing to pass on to us this priceless heritage, which is for us, the way to Heaven, “the sole purpose of all our work.”

T. B.


Dear Brother,

If words have meaning – and they do – the expressions Brother Bruno uses in his reply to Archbishop de Moulins-Beaufort are very apt: criminal subterfuge, murderous words.

No one will be deceived by a crude subterfuge, nor that it is a form of assassination! To publicly smear the memory of your founder in this way and to discredit his entire work has deeply outraged and scandalised me! All this is very serious.

In this centenary year of the canonisation of Joan of Arc, we cannot help but recall her pathetic interjection: “Bishop, I die because of you!” It is obvious, the posterity of Pierre Cauchon is not extinct!

R. I.



As we go to press, the “July camp for young children” is in full swing, under the patronage of Saints Francisco and Jacinta.

Despite government health regulations? Well! It is with good reason that our Father has given us Father Kolbe as a model: a missionary eager to master all the modern means of communication for the glory of the Immaculate. This summer, Brother Bruno launched us into videoconferencing. The children are dispersed with their families, but they go to Maison Saint-Joseph via video for the various daily educational presentations. They have a busy schedule! The parents are responsible for filling in the gaps themselves by imitating the activities of the traditional bicycle camps. Rarely have they done so much to occupy their children and rarely have we done so much to assist them.

This close communion between our families and our hermitages is another good fruit of our Father’s work, according to his beautiful maxim: “The ideal for a family is to resemble a monastery and the ideal for a monastery is to resemble a family.”

Brother Guy of Mercy.